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The Problem

Freedom expression and freedom of socialization cannot be controlled or manipulated by individuals and organizations. No matter what ethnicity or race freedom of speech and freedom of expression or rights for humans of all races. Women men, no matter what is their political views are Americans and equal and should always have a platform that they can have to express their opinions freely.

Our country has been sharply divided. and there is a huge mix between hate speech, and hated speech. Social media should not take sides and be “echo chambers.” They should allow everyone to communicate and connect without ANY censorship of speech, opinion, ideology or religion. Unfortunately, Big Tech thinks otherwise and perpetuates the following daily:

The Solution

•   Less Restrictive Expression: FREESPACE SOCIAL enables open dialogue by championing unrestricted self-expression, fostering diversity of thought and ideas.

•   Inclusive Community: We embrace inclusivity, welcoming diverse users for respectful interactions that bridge differences and promote empathy.

•   Data Privacy: FREESPACE SOCIAL prioritizes data privacy, safeguarding user information through advanced security measures through our Private OCP Cloud.

•   Accountable Moderation: Through transparent, community-driven moderation, it strikes a balance between freedom of speech and responsible content oversight.

•   Empowering Connection: By connecting individuals globally, FREESPACE SOCIAL empowers meaningful relationships, informed discussions, and positive social impact.



Media includes content from popular news outlets, podcasts, entertainment websites, business, sports, technology etc

Encrypted Chat

Chat is a fast, stable, secure encrypted communication feature for one on one conversations and/or group chats.

The Wall

Post your thoughts, opinions, articles, videos and images to the wall so friends can like and engage.


Our discover feature allows you to search for users, groups and content. It also shows what content which users are trending.


Create or join groups that share your interests. Create public, private or secret invite-only groups.

FreeSpace Cloud

What makes FreeSpace unique is that it is hosted on its own private cloud, unlike other platforms that rely on AWS or Microsoft Azure. FreeSpace Cloud also has its own proprietary operating system which will provide data security for users unlike anything that has been seen in the social media world. 


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